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Tag: Tai Adkins | Professional Overview

  • How to Effectively Lead Under Pressure

    The pressure that people feel while leading is different from the pressure they feel in their lives. Leadership is a difficult profession because you have to provide direction and because you have to maintain your sanity and well-being. You have to know how to get yourself out of a tough spot and know when you […]


  • Giving Effective Feedback

    Providing feedback is a dreaded activity for many leaders. According to a survey, 44% of managers implied that providing negative feedback is daunting, while 21% admitted to avoiding giving feedback. Practice is necessary for providing effective feedback. Read on to learn how to give feedback effectively. Practice Empathy Practice empathy by putting yourself in your […]

  • How to Run More Effective Meetings

    Effective meetings are important for any organization because they help provide a sense of control and can prevent confusion and chaos from setting in. Meetings should be held regularly and include clearly defined goals, agendas, leaders, and appropriate levels of participation. Here are five tips for running effective meetings to help reach the organization’s productivity […]